Mastering digitisation with start-up spirit

Start-ups are spearheading digitisation. In practically every sector they are pioneering digitisation by being the first to seize the opportunities unlocked by digitisation, pushing their way into the market with a high degree of agility, a focus on benefits and speed.

The question of what established com- panies can learn from start-ups has been a prime concern of Accelerate Stuttgart GmbH since its foundation in 2012.
Established by pioneers of Stuttgart’s start-up community Kathleen Fritzsche, Harald Amelung and Johannes Ellenberg, today the company is wholly focused on developing Stuttgart region’s innovation ecosystem.

Accelerate Stuttgart regards itself as an enabler of digital transformation and platform for the development and validation of digital business models. As a vital contribution to the transformation process, Accelerate introduces start-up culture and methods into established companies, driven by a firm belief in the companies and people in the Stuttgart region. Accelerate Stuttgart thus aims to do its part in sustainably securing the economic role of the metropolitan region of Stuttgart in the long term by promoting the transformative power of entrepreneurship.

Accelerate Stuttgart GmbH
Rotebühlstraße 87 (Eingang E)
70178 Stuttgart
+49 711 9952 1190