Education for everyone. Everywhere in the South West.

Our aim
Shaping the future with education

Our work centres on people, says the mission of the Kolping-Bildungswerk Württemberg e.V. (KBW), one of South Germany’s largest independent educational institutions. This credo goes back to the founder and social reformer Adolph Kolping, whose name the institution bears.

In Kolping’s spirit, the aim is to empower and educate interested people to develop their personal talents. The basic and continued training programme is available to everyone, offering opportunities and thus paving the way to a better and selfdetermined future.

Educational diversity
Many ways lead to the same end

Education lets people grow, regardless of their age. This is why the educational programme at Kolping-Bildungswerk Württemberg is so diverse and offers the right educational path for all ages and levels of learning.

Child daycare centres provide a varied and safe environment and care for children under six. Primary schools, secondary schools including high schools, middle schools, vocational high schools and colleges in the areas of business, technology, design, health and social welfare, all lead to a school-leaving certificate. KBW also offers the school type “Preparation year work and profession” (Vorbereitungsjahr Arbeit und Beruf (VABO/VAB)), the leaving qualification being comparable to that of a secondary school and attendance of evening schools is also possible at KBW. All schools, and thus the qualifications, are state-approved and certified.

Various Bachelor and Master degree courses, vocational and general basic and continued training courses, and Federal Agency of Employment, state and government programmes are also available in relation to education and careers.

Working with the government and federal states

Kolping-Bildungswerk Württemberg cooperates with both the government and federal states, and also with many other institutions to provide the best possible education for everyone. Towards this aim it works closely with the state school coordination department without racism, with EATA Ellwangen, continued education advisory bodies and pacts, with MobiPro EU, the Boy’s Day Akademie and conducts integration courses for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

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