Innovative corporate activation

Gerd Kulhavy is founder and managing director of Speakers Excellence – the network of the most influential and top 100 speakers, trainers, entrepreneurs and entertainers in Germany.

Education & qualification
A professional answer to event planners’ and HR developers’ question of “Who is the right speaker for me or my train­ ing event?” is supplied by Europe’s larg­est speaker agency, Speakers Excellence in Stuttgart. Managing director Gerd Kulhavy describes the mission of the company founded in 2002 as the pro­fessional communication of innovative knowledge presented by top speakers from the worlds of business, politics, education and sport.

Personality & positioning
The basis is an elite pool of the top 100 speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and enter­tainer catalogues and the online Europe­ an Speakers Agency portal and the Ger­ man Speaker Lexicon. The agency thus guarantees speakers, trainers, entrepre­neurs, entertainers and presenters pro­fessional marketing and actively supports them with their transformation from per­ son to brand.

Congresses & events
The agency portfolio includes personal advice, planning and staging of all train­ ing events – from personal coaching, in­ house seminars and academies to com­pany and customer events, international congresses and conferences. Speakers Excellence is part of a specialised and success­focused network of contacts in the German­speaking educational mar­ket and is organiser of knowledge forums in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzer­land. The Stuttgart knowledge forum, in which top­-flight German speakers impart first­hand knowledge, is the largest event series in the further training sector and in 2016 celebrated its 15th anniversary. More than 15 experts hold talks, provid­ing insights into the fascinating world of their eld of specialisation, and inspire the public with fresh stimuli. The event inspires around 3,000 visitors annually. A staff of around 45 and excellent part­ners in Stuttgart, Rosenheim, Düsseldorf, Vienna, Zurich and Bozen guarantee cus­tomers full service from the first contact to full handling and after­care. Thanks to its high quality standards, Speakers Excellence is affiliated to the ISAB (in­ternational association in the USA) and can thus book international speakers and show acts for customers.

Chairman of the board: Gerd Kulhavy

Speakers Excellence
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70199 Stuttgart
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