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TransnetBW is an innovative electricity hub at the centre of Europe. Its grid links up Baden-Württemberg to tomorrow’s energy sources. As transmission system operator TransnetBW ensures reliable energy supplying and thus affords a vital contribution to the economic power and quality of life in Southwest Germany. With its two high-performance north-south links, Südlink and Ultranet and extensive plant modernisation, TransnetBW is already equipping the electricity grid for future energy supplying.

Partner in the deregulated European energy market

TransnetBW’s transmission network plays a key role in the European electricity market. Thanks to its central location, it handles the bulk of European electric power transmission. As an independent transmission system operator, TransnetBW offers its transmission network to all market players on transparent, non-discriminatory terms. Its customers and partners include more than 650 electricity traders, retailers, power station and distribution network operators.

Extra high voltage around the clock

The pulsing heart of grid operation is the system control centre in Wendlingen. This is where staff controls and monitors electricity flows in the grid around the clock. 36 interconnection points ensure that TransnetBW is linked to transmission grids within Germany and also in France, Austria and Switzerland, thus ensuring that it is well-integrated into national and European grid system.

Challenge of the energy turnaround

Success of the energy turnaround hinges on transmission networks. Grid expansion must stay abreast of the rapid growth in renewable energy generation if the latter are to be successfully integrated into our grid. The basis for this is the annual grid development plan. TransnetBW seeks a dialogue
with politicians, approving authorities and above all, the population at an early stage in order to push ahead swiftly with the necessary steps. Acceptance by stakeholders is pivotal to network expansion and thus the success of the energy turnaround.

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