Time is of the essence

Alexander von Hofen does not simply sell watches, but marvels of precision engineering. He stocks premium brands like Rolex, Blancpain, Breitling, Chanel and Parmigiani.

Alexander von Hofen has managed the chronometry business on Königstrasse for 16 years. In his qualified goldsmith’s view a watch is not only a chronometer, but an elegant piece of jewellery, collector’s item and investment rolled into one. As a passionate collector of old Rolex watches he knows what he is talking about. As the native of Stuttgart explains, ”You can wear a Rolex with swimwear or a dinner jacket. It’s a sturdy watch with a unique design and outstanding engineering.”

In the jeweller’s own certified workshop the inner workings of chronometers are regularly checked with meticulous attention to detail. The sophisticated mechanical timepieces are taken apart and cleaned by an experienced watchmaker. The face, hands and casing are cleaned and professionally reconditioned. If necessary, defective or worn parts are replaced. Aside from this workshop service, the jeweller places first priority on personal expert advice. After all, choosing a chronometer should not be taken lightly, as it is often a purchase of a lifetime.

Alexander von Hofen was bitten by the ”mechanical watch bug” early on. His mother is also a jeweller, with 40 years’ success in the business. She stocks all the prestigious, high-end brands in her jewellery shop on Calwer Strasse. Clients can feel the family fascination and passion for masterpieces of chronometry in the air the moment they step into the shop.

von Hofen Chronometrie & Schmuck
Königstraße 42
70173 Stuttgart
+49 711 29 09 88