The Active House Principle

The current world population is 7.4 billion, of which two billion are children under 16 years of age. These two billion people are going to need apartments, jobs and infrastructures over the next 16 years.

In 1930, the world population totalled two billion. So we will have to build the world as it was in 1930 all over in the upcoming 16 years. If we were to make this the German national standard, we would need 1,000 billion tons of concrete and tiles. And they can neither be sourced nor produced.

Prof. Dr. Dr. E.h. Dr. h.c. Werner Sobek,
marking the award of the Fritz Leonhardt Prize on 4 July 2015

Criteria for sustainable building

  • Incorporation into existing structures
    The active house can be incorporated into existing structures via lightweight construction and facade design
  • Bespoke ground plans
    An active house module features bespoke ground plans with 2 to 3 rooms, which can be combined with additional elements to create spacious apartments with variable window and door positions
  • Generation- and age-appropriate
    Active houses permit generation-friendly living. The ground floor is accessible. The other floors have age-appropriate floor coverings, door widths and bathrooms
  • Maximum interior convenience
    With its light and ventilation concept, the active house demonstrates a high degree of interior convenience
  • Build down and up again
    The active house indoor ground plan can be changed later on or disassembled and rebuilt somewhere else
  • Eco-friendly building materials
    The active house consists of eco-friendly building materials, in particular wood elements and other renewable raw materials
  • Resource-friendly building
    The active house stands for resource-friendly building with recyclable materials, lightweight design and minimum foundation requirements
  • Use of renewable energy
    The active house is energy-efficient, complies with the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) 2016 and uses renewable energy
  • Turnkey solution
    Thanks to industrial prefabrication, the active house can be handed over three months after order placement, ready to take up residence
  • Affordable homes
    An inexpensive fixed price per square metre is defined for the planning, fabrication and transportation of the active house modules

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