Hafen Stuttgart

Waterway, rail, road: Stuttgart Port –
key function for the region

Its high share of industrial value creation makes the Stuttgart business community one of the strongest in Europe. Stuttgart Port plays a key role for that community. The surrounding companies network suppliers with the manufacturing industry, while Stuttgart Port constantly satisfies the various logistics demands: no matter whether handling or warehousing bulk and piece goods, containers, swap containers and semi-trailers or the demands of various contract logistics providers – Stuttgart Port offers the necessary prerequisites.

Locational edge for industry
Stuttgart’s trimodal port combines key transport modes: road haulage with environmentally friendly inland navigation and the railway. A wide variety of regional and global companies ensure a healthy competitive climate. Customers have daily access to all services and modes of transport.

Future outlook
Freight containers permit transportation of individual shipments through to bulk goods in aggregate conditions, no matter whether solid, liquid or gas. Containers can be prioritised or deferred and stored temporarily. Containers are “storage in motion”. With an eye on the future, Stuttgart Port is trebling the capacity of its container terminal.

The charm of the industrial backdrop
Quays, loading cranes, inland boats, locomotives – heavy machinery sparks the imagination. Visitors and artists are constantly and equally impressed by the impressive industrial backdrop at the port. Throughout the year, light shows and theatre performances attract audiences and journalists. Daily activities permitting, Stuttgart Port reveals many charming aspects, and what can be more inspiring than the gateway to the world?

Hafen Stuttgart
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