The new V8 Hotel Superior****, Opening at the end of 2017

A hotspot:
the MOTORWORLD region Stuttgart

If you think that vintage cars and collectors‘ vehicles are just a beautiful hobby and the scene is just a gathering of car lovers, you are wrong. The market for the so-called classic cars has developed globally into a serious growth factor. The idea MOTORWORLD, which started in 2009 with the MOTORWORLD region Stuttgart in Böblingen, has established itself successfully in this field and also expands dynamically. Powerful, diverse and full of life, the MOTORWORLD-locations and -products create space for passion in all its facets.

Room for mobile passion

Trading with vintage cars from top-dealers such as Arthur Bechtel Classic Motors. But also premium cars and bikes – such as renowned brands like Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Harley-Davidson, Maserati, McLaren and Porsche –, glass car ports for collector’s cars, specialised workshops and lifestyle shops. Mobile passion is big in the MOTORWORLD region Stuttgart. 2009 saw the start of this first location, which has been expanded several times in the meantime. Today it is the biggest private and brand-independent vintage car and sportscar centre worldwide.

It buzzes
More than 500,000 people annually visit this world of entertainment, which has brought the former (now listed) airport Württemberg back to life. Open all year and admission-free, visitors can also find attractive event- and conference opportunities, lounges, diverse gastronomy and the MOTORWORLD V8 Hotel ****. Since the beginning of the MOTOR- WORLD region Stuttgart on the airfield in Böblingen-Sindelfingen, the extraordinary V8 Hotel has been known for its elaborately designed theme- and design rooms. From the end of 2017, another V8 Superior Hotel will offer those visitors, who gladly swap between the sporty version and a luxury car, additional conference- and overnight accommodation alternatives. Day and night, automobile dreams become true, because the new Four-Star-Superior-Hotel, which is built in the south-western part of the MOTORWORLD premises, is all about high-class automobile culture. The building of the new V8 Superior Hotel is not least an indicator for the success of the location. The MOTORWORLD region Stuttgart buzzes – literally.

Under one roof
Apart from the fascination with cars and the attractive surroundings, it is also the diversity of offers which allures people from near and far, but also companies into MOTORWORLD. The success of the pilot project in Böblingen shows that there is future in this concept. This can also be seen in the dynamic expansion of this idea.

Many projects and activities were initiated under the roof of the MOTORWORLD Group in the last couple of years. At the moment there are three more locations being built: in Munich, Cologne and the Zeche Ewald (Herten, Ruhrgebiet) – all in industry-historical places. The group, which has its headquarter in Schlemmer- hofen, has recently given the go-ahead for another location on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. All these projects follow the lead of the MOTORWORLD region Stuttgart. Drafted as ‘srew villages’, the MOTORWORLD manufactures Berlin and Metzingen are being created.

Fairs and events
The idea MOTORWORLD is not just bound to its project locations, but also hits the road in regular intervals. There is the annual vintage car fair MOTOR- WORLD Classics Berlin in the historic exhibition halls under the radio tower in Germany’s capital Berlin in October. High-class exhibitors, traders, clubs and scene-specialists present mobile classics as well as life-style products and everything that belongs to vintage car passion.

Under the motto ‘The name changes, but the passion stays’, the vintage car fair Klassikwelt Bodensee in Friedrichshafen became the MOTORWORLDClassics Bodensee. Highlight of this annual fair in early summer is the extraordinary event character: on land, in water and even in the air.

The MOTORWORLD vintage car days Fürstenfeld also carries the powerful brand in its name. Every year in September, on Munich’s first ‘Wiesn’ weekend, thousands of vintage car fans meet in the unique atmosphere of the monastery premises in Fürstenfeldbruck close to Munich.

One thing is for sure: If the task is to create room for mobile passion, the phantasy of the MOTORWORLD Group knows no limits.

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