The impressive foyer has been carefully renovated in compliance with listed. 98 stylish parking places in a compact space.

Spacious living, compact parking

WÖHR is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of car parking systems. WÖHR has been developing and producing innovative high-tech parking solutions for national and international customers since 1959. Projects range from simple double stackers for two cars one above the other to modern towers and fully automated parking solutions for several hundred cars. More than 500,000 installed parking spaces worldwide stand for the safety and reliability of WÖHR parking solutions.

The listed building regulations to be ob- served in the transformation of a historic hospital into the “Kameha Residence Düsseldorf” on the banks of the Rhine far exceeded the preservation of the facade. The restrictions however turned out to be an incentive for many design and practical characteristics of this facility, from the structure of the ground plan and roof shape to the automatic parking system. The brick buildings of the former St. Teresa hospital have been converted into 59 flats.

The Kameha Residence on the Rhine

The transfer area is bright and convenient

A second operating panel in the foyer is for the concierge service

The contractor and architects took four years to develop and market a concept for the exclusive riverside residences. Be- sides quietness, the unobstructed location on the banks of the Rhine, closeness of cultural institutions, Königsallee and Hofgarten, lend the site its appeal.

Exclusive residences also need convenient parking facilities for safe and fast parking. The architects opted for the WÖHR Multiparker 740 parking system. The contractor thus met Düsseldorf town council requirements including separate resident and public traf c and the creation of an additional 98 under- ground parking spaces. Besides the automatic parking solution the contractor also explored the possibilities of a traditional garage. However this would have yielded around a third less parking spaces for a similar building volume than with the WÖHR Multiparker 740. Other benefits of the fully automatic parking solution are improved traf c routing and greater user convenience. The concept is rounded off by the redesign of the inner courtyard, the planting of flowering shrubs and a terrace with pleasant seats for the residents.

The result combines a high tech parking solution with the listed building. Two transfer areas form the interface between modern technology and historic brick facade.

The car is parked in the transfer area. As soon as the driver leaves the cabin and confirms parking on the operating panel the door closes and the vehicle is automatically lowered into one of the underground storage racks where it is parked safely.

WÖHR offers compact parking and customised high quality solutions.

There is no need for awkward manoeuvres because the vehicle is rotated into its exit position when it is parked

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