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Connecting people and knowledge

Preparing for the Future – Together

We live in a world with finite resources and a growing population, where we regularly consume more resources annually than our earth can produce. So the pressing question is: How can economies and societies adapt in order to preserve the basis of our existence for future generations? As a regional government agency, Umwelttechnik BW operates where industry, science and politics meet. From our base in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, we connect stakeholders, support businesses on the path towards greater resource efficiency, assist green start-ups and promote innovative environmental technologies at an international level.

Our work centres on raising awareness among businesses of the need to promote environment technology and resource efficiency, and opening their eyes to the possibilities. Companies looking to optimize their processes must start by analysing all variables in their production and coming up with resource efficiency strategies.
Umwelttechnik BW provides training on resource efficiency, material flow analysis and material flow cost accounting for companies based in Baden-Württemberg. Well-connected regional contacts offer companies support through the KEFF (regional energy competence centres) and EFFIMA (material efficiency) programmes. Two online tools make it easy to connect with experts: The ConsultA- RE directory of specialists contains consultants and experts on material and energy efficiency while the CompA-RE competence directory for environmental technologies and resource efficiency lists providers in Baden-Württemberg.

KONGRESS BW, the largest industry event for resource efficiency in europe

To give local environmental technology suppliers greater planning security, Umwelttechnik BW has compiled an “environmental technologies roadmap”, featuring the most important technological trends for the next 15 years. This is supplemented by regular internationalisation studies, which provide an analysis of international markets and commercial opportunities for environmental technologies from Baden-Württemberg.

Schulungsprogramm zur Ressourceneffizienz

Green Innovation and Investment Forum

All threads come together at KONGRESS BW, Baden-Württemberg’s industry congress on resource efficiency and the circular economy. With a highcalibre programme featuring political contributions, international keynote speeches and hands-on presentations, it is Europe’s leading business-centred platform for environmental

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