Mineral and thermal bathing hall in Merkel’schen Bad

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Water has been known as a natural cure and health treatment since ancient times. The Romans built gorgeous baths using fresh spring water or natural thermal water to strengthen body and soul. The state of Baden-Württemberg is rich in natural mineral water. Stuttgart alone has the second-largest mineral water de- posits in Europe. For this reason, no other region has so many thermal, mineral and salt baths offering the relaxing power of curative water.

Seven thermal and mineral baths have partnered to form “Bäderreise”, jointly advertising their respective facilities, unique water compositions and amenities. These seven bathing facilities are Stuttgart MineralBad Cannstatt, AlbThermen in Bad Urach, Vinzenz Therme in Bad Ditzenbach, Badhaus Bad Boll, Panorama Therme in Beuren, Paracelsus-Therme Bad in Liebenzell and ThermalBad Überkingen.

Thermen- und Badewelt in Sinsheim
Thermen- und Badewelt in Sinsheim

MineralBad Cannstatt, steam room

Friedrichsbad Baden-Baden

Fildorado in Filderstadt

And yet water is not only the best doctor, it also simply offers fun. There are seventy recreational and adventure pools in the state, including Thermen & Badewelt in Sinsheim, AQUAtoll in Neckarsulm and Jordanbad in Biberach. The Fildorado in Filderstadt boasts a unique range of bathing experiences with water slides covering over 230 metres. A wild turbulent water route leads the adventurous through black holes and red tubes on rings and flings them through the air in a high arc into a deep pool. Visitors can relax in various thematic saunas in the adjoining spacious recreational sauna landscape.

Take time to relax in the only art nouveau bathing facility in the region, the Merkel’sches Bad in Esslingen. The building unites history and modernity into a graceful whole. Sport swimmers can get in form by swimming laps here in a specially designated area of the new swimming pool. The steam bath and an upstairs sauna world invite visitors to luxuriate.

When it opened in 1877, the Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden was one of the most modern natural spas of its time. Over 130 years later, the Renaissance-style building still offers an extraordinary and memorable bathing experience.